My son is a Junior at Regent Preparatory here in Tulsa. We have several customers from the school the come to us just because they have known our family for many years.  As often as I can, I encourage those parents to send their new driver to us to get used to going to the shop – by themselves.  It’s a critical step in being a new auto owner.

For that matter, it’s critical for an old auto owner. Auto care can be completely intimidating.  It’s true. So much so, that many just don’t do it. Many people fear being sold something they don’t need or having the shop speak so much automotive jargon that they just say “Go ahead” to prevent admitting they know little about their car.  

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we believe part of our job is education.  We want to show you what is going on, not just tell you.  We will bring you back to the bays or send you a digital report of everything we see going on with your car.  For every customer, we want to be worthy of the name on our buildings, because Christian means something to us when it comes to our level of integrity and care.  

Each location is an independently owned franchise started in 1982 Houston, TX.  The founders were two men who met in a Bible study.  They created a mission to provide honest and fair car repair in a way that honors the name of Christ.

Regardless of where you choose to go, the best thing you can do to prepare to go to a shop is to know your maintenance history.  

– Russ Knight, Owner 

Christian Brothers Automotive, Tulsa Hills

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Christian Brothers Automotive

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